The Stonetown Coffee Story

Founded in 2012, coffee is our passion at Stonetown. Growing up in the restaurant business we always always appreciated great coffee but couldn't find the beans we wanted.   When we would travel we'd always looked for the place that roasted their own beans and return with a pound or two, but that wouldn't last.  

Finally we decided to take our passion for coffee to a new level and start roasting our own beans for family and friends. One roast led to another, word of mouth spread, and before we knew it we had added a roasting room onto our house and were selling beans by the pound online.

At Stonetown Coffee, our goal is to find and select the finest beans, roast them in the perfect manner, and deliver them as fresh as possible so our customers can truly experience the taste of great coffee. We are a small batch roaster, selecting the best green beans from all over the world.  We roast with an enthusiasm and commitment to quality.  We love what we do and are so happy share that with our customers.

The journey of the bean, the farms, the people, how it is grown, is what brings out the uniqueness in a coffee. Coffee is our passion and we want you to love it as much as we do.  

New for 2014 we have expanded to open our first storefront cafe, located in Waynesville Ohio.   Offering espresso drinks, pour-over coffees, ice cream and unique desserts.   Please come visit, relax for a bit and take home a pound of fresh locally roasted beans to enjoy for the week...